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225/55 16 PIRELLI P7

225/55 16
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Pirelli is distinguished for its long industrial tradition, which has always been combined with capacity for innovation, product quality and brand strength. A strength which, since 2002, has also been supported by the industrial design project of P Zeroandtrade;, and which today has been further recognised by Formula 1andtrade;, for which Pirelli is the exclusive supplier for the three-year term 2011-2013. In line with its premium strategy and 'green performance', Pirelli, who has always focused on research and development, operates with constant and increasing attention to products and services of high quality and technology and low environmental impact.

Pirelli's first ''Green Performance'' tyre, Cinturato P7andtrade; has been created to take full advantage of latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee savings, respect for the environment, comfort and safety on all road surfaces.

  • The green performance tyre for high performance cars
  • Excellent wet and dry handling
  • High resistance to aquaplaning
  • High standards of active safety
  • Asymmetric tread design
  • Four eco-impact icons on the sidewall highlight the tyre's characteristics
    1. Energy efficient
    2. Clean air
    3. Low noise
    4. High mileage

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