About Us

About Us

Loadsatyre.com has a vast experience in online tyre sale. Our company has experienced strong growth since its beginning in 2004. Nowadays, thanks to our expertise we offer our customers professional and impartial technical help in tyre choice. We are proud to say that the number of our business and retail customers is constantly growing and we achieve high satisfaction levels of our customers.



Our mission

Exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing the best consultancy in the field of the finest and the most suitable product choice.

Ensuring complete customers’ satisfaction through constant enriching of our offer with first class assortment, transaction safety guarantee and rapid delivery.

Improving and creating new technically innovative solutions, enabling full functionality of practical applications, greater web-usability and effective customer relations management control.

Our values

Human capital – people creating harmonious team, pursuing the same goal.

Work – work based on partnership and altruism.

Success – comes from the use of human talents matching specific tasks with the special care for personal development and constant competence rising.

Storing tyres

All tyres are stored according to producers’ recommendations which means that:

  • we store our merchandise in dry, clean and moderately air-conditioned warehouses

  • we avoid damp conditions, direct sun rays and strong electric lights

  • in our warehouses we maintain temperatures within 10 to 25°C (higher temperatures speed up ageing of rubber products)

  • in our tyre warehouses we do not store any petrol, solvent, oil, lubricant, acid, base or any other chemical or disinfecting resources or any other substances which could be dangerous for rubber


Bird's eye view of Loadsatyre.com


All the products that we sell are delivered to our customers in the Ireland for free. We use professional shipping companies which have long-standing experience in cargo shipment. The majority of our parcels is delivered to our clients within 1 working day.

Collecting delivery

You should always check the order when it is delivered at your indicated address. You must check the delivery immediately for its quality and completeness and give notice to the Customer Service Department of Loadsatyre.com. Ltd. of any apparent physical or delivery damage in the goods or receiving an incorrect item. In case of any doubt you may refuse to accept the delivery. If you refuse the delivery, you do not pay for transportation.